Monday, October 29, 2012

Found In The Costume Dept.: Day 3

I think this might be one of my new favorite dresses.  I made it to wear to a dinner for my husband's company.

kind of a poor picture of me wearing it

Here are the basic steps I took to transform this one:
1.  Remove sleeves and re-stitch arm openings
2.  Detached the skirt at the waist and re-cut it to a straight waist - it's hard to tell from the Before pic but it had a v-shaped waist that I didn't like.
3.  Re-attached the skirt to the bodice
4.  Hemmed to above the knee

I also wore it with the white sash at the waist because it was just a tiny bit big through the waist.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Give Me Wings

I don't typically make my kids' Halloween costumes.  Call me lazy, but I don't like putting that much time and energy into something that they only wear for one day.  But this year my son really wanted to be an owl.  And after seeing this photo:

and this photo:

I decided it was do-able.  And it really wasn't too hard. There are some basic instructions and photos on the second link, just adjust the measurements for the size/age of child/person wearing the costume.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

An Ode To My Favorite Season

Fall in Colorado is AMAZING!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fabric Covered Notebook: A Tutorial

A quick and easy project

This project started out with a dollar store composition notebook.
You will also need fabric, spray adhesive, fabric scissors, a marking pen, a straight edge, and a sharp x-acto knife or rotaty cutter (not pictured).

Lay notebook on wrong side of fabric and trace with a pen.
Cut out approx. 1/2 inch larger than marked area.

Use the straight edge to mark and cut a straight side - this will be up against the binding of the notebook.

Apply spray adhesive - I spray a small amount to the notebook itself, being careful to avoid the binding edge, and then apply liberally to the fabric.
Lay fabric onto notebook, lining straight edge up along binding, and smooth out any wrinkles.
Flip over and trim excess fabric using either the x-acto knife or rotary cutter.
Repeat entire process for the other side of the notebook.

Who'd ever guess this started out as a $1 composition book???

Virtual Window Shopping For Fall

Monday, October 22, 2012

Found In The Costume Dept.: Day 2

Day 2:  Prairie Style

This fabulous little number came complete with the bonnet and everything:

Alright, the bonnet got donated directly back to the thrift store.

Then it was really just a matter of removing a lot of what was going on - removed the sleeves, removed the ruffle around the neck, removed a bunch of extra length (hemmed to above the knee).

My new fun, prairie-style sundress.

See Day 1 of Found In The Costume Dept. here.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Friday, October 19, 2012

Found In The Costume Dept.: Day 1

I admit I may get a little over-excited when my local thrift stores start to put out Halloween merchandise.  Not because I'm a huge fan of Halloween, or even generally dress up, but because they hide lots of great re-fashioning items in the "costume" section.  I swear they hoard lots of great vintage stuff in the back until Halloween rolls around.  Yes, you have to hunt through lots of dracula capes, 80's prom dresses, and itchy polyester but they hide some really good stuff in there.

So before Halloween hits, I'm showcasing some of my great "costume" finds and how to re-fashion them into something more wearable.

Day 1: 

Bridesmaid dress turned maxi-skirt.

I'm loving maxi skirts and dresses for fall - they keep your legs a little warmer than a short skirt or sundress.

Here's what I did.

1.)  Removed the bodice of the dress
2.)  Cut up the back seam of the dress (carefully keeping the lining and the outer layer lined up by pinning)

3.)  Fold over the waist band, pin, and stitch down.

4.)Insert a zipper in the back  
There are a few different ways to do this - you can find a good tutorial here and here

I also added a little button at the top of the zipper to help hold closed.



*Note:  I was lucky enough that the waist of the dress was about right for me.  If you have a dress where the waist is either too big or too small, you will have to do some adjusting.*

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Headbands Galore

Now that my hair is short I don't have a lot of options for mixing it up a little.  (It's so fine I can't even get a clip to stay in!)
So since headbands are my only real option, I set about making myself some.

I started with two different types of headbands, purchased at Hobby Lobby:

Style #1:

Probably the easiest method. 

The little knobs pop off the end of the headband, kind of like earring backs, then you can string beads on, and replace the end.  I used gold beads from an old cheap necklace. 

Style #2:

attach a vintage brooch

Break the pin back off of the brooch, file down rough edges if needed.  **Be sure your brooch is relatively flat and not too heavy**  Sandwich headband between the brooch and a small piece of felt, adhering with E6000.

The hardest part is holding it all in place while the glue dries.  I had to get creative.

Style #3:

Wire Wrapped

use wire and wrap beads onto headband

or hold a piece of chain (my chain was an old necklace again) and a piece of wire together and wrap around headband, using the wire to help secure the chain in place

Easy and inexpensive!