Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Organizing With Kids - 1 Tip That Works For Me

My house is far from the most organized home ever.  In fact, it's generally a bit messy, a little unorganized.  So when I find an organizing tip, trick, or method that works, I get pretty excited.

One big issue in my house, is that the kids tend to leave stuff laying all over the place.  And I get really tired of picking it up and carting it all back to their rooms a million times a day.
So I bought 2 cute bins (from Marshalls) and placed them by the stairs leading to the kids' bedrooms.  Whenever I find stuff that needs to be returned to their bedrooms, I toss it in the bin.  At the end of the day, they're responsible for emptying their bin and putting their stuff away.  Items that are left and not put away are either tossed or donated  (sometimes they get a warning first if I'm feeling nice).

This has really helped in our house to keep the amount of random stuff laying around at a minimum.  And saves my sanity a bit.

Already found today - a hat, some paper and markers, pajamas . . . 


  1. I need three - two for the boys and one for their Dad!

  2. My mom used to say that she would just throw everything away that was still lying around by bedtime. First we laughed at her, but when we found our toys to be gone and into a big garbage bag at that, we started putting our stuff away pretty quickly.